Dear Ministry of Education,

Has the Education Ministry of Nepal thought of finding an alternative for School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations?

Yours faithfully,

Anuja KC

The government has not thought of finding an alternative to School Leaving
Certificate (SLC) Examinations in spite of several reforms in the
education sector in the past few years.

From 2009, the government of Nepal has been implementing a School Sector
Reform Program (SSRP: 2009-15), which aims to restructure school education
by better integrating the various levels into basic education (grades 1-8)
and secondary education (grades 9-12), in hopes of boosting school
retention rates and overall enrollments. The school system in Nepal
consists of primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary
education, lasting a total of 12 years (5+3+2+2). Basic education lasts
eight years, with a five-year primary cycle and a three-year lower
secondary cycle. Students take a further two years of schooling at the
secondary level, which concludes with the School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
Examination, required for admission to the upper secondary level. Upper
secondary schooling is a further two years, which is undertaken within the
school system or through a similar certificate program offered at

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