About relationship with neighbouring countries

यो अनुरोधको प्रतिक्रिया धेरै बाँकी छ कानुनत:, जुनसुकै हालतमा पनि, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ले हालसम्म जवाफ दिइसकेको हुनु पर्ने हो। (पुरा जानकारी). गुनासो को लागी आन्तरिक पुनरावलोकनको लागि अनुरोध गर्दै.

Dear Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
I am undergraduate student. I wanted to know how are you dealing to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours country when homeland media is using inappropriate words and news.

Yours faithfully,

Shashi Adhikari

Thank you for the questions, Shashi. We hope to respond to you soon. (This
is a test response by Ask Nepal-- a Code for Nepal product.)

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