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According to the Nepal's government [1]Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal, 8,978 people lost their lives. 22,323 were injured. (Retrieved on Decemb...
What's the education budget of FY15
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The Nepalese government has allocated 98.64 billion Nepalese rupees (972.39 million U.S. dollars) for the education sector under the budget of fiscal...
Dear Anuja, There isn't publicly available data from the official source. However, according to USA Today: Almost 90% of the tourists called to canc...
Thank you for the questions, Shashi. We hope to respond to you soon. (This is a test response by Ask Nepal-- a Code for Nepal product.)
What's the district level literacy rates in Nepal?
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Thank you for submitting your request. Here are the district level literacy rates of Nepal: [1]