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A public authority, also called MOTCA, Mr. Sadhu Ram Sapkota, Information Officer Tel.: 4211811, Minister Kripasur Sherpa

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Budget for Nepali year 2073
Request sent to Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation by Kavyaa on .

Long overdue.

What is your budget for Nepali year 2073? Yours faithfully, Kavyaa Rizal
Hello. Has there been a significant change in the number of tourists coming to Nepal throughout the year after the earthquake? Further, has there be...
No Information was found regarding any worshops after 2006, for Prospects of Sports Tourism. However, there are links to the website that has informa...
Dear Anuja, There isn't publicly available data from the official source. However, according to USA Today: Almost 90% of the tourists called to canc...

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