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Minister Sunil Bahadur Thapa Information Officer Dhruba Ghimire Phone No. 4211448

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FDI inflow in Nepal by year
फल्लोअप् Mohammad Rabbani द्वारा Ministry of Commerce and Supplies लाई मा पठाइएको छ |

लामो बाँकी ।

I missed to mention FDI inflows into our country in different years. I hope i will get the numbers soon. Yours faithfully, Mohammad Rabbani
Budget for Nepali year 2073
Ministry of Commerce and Suppliesलाई Kavyaaद्वारा मा अनुरोध पठाइएको छ |

लामो बाँकी ।

What is your budget for Nepali year 2073? Yours faithfully, Kavyaa Rizal

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